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Augusta - Season 01

These beautifully hand drawn NFTs will be part of the first set based on Augusta, the lead character of the feature film 'Toxica', which will be one of the first feature films to be released exclusively on the Cardano platform.

But there is more! exclusive content including Behind-the-Scenes, deleted scenes, outtakes, alternative art, etc. will be only available to people collecting this set.

Join us, dig in and join into the adventure!

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More about Augusta

Augusta - Toxica

The Augusta set is a collection of 2,500 that will be launching on the CARDANO BLOCKCHAIN.


Who is Augusta?

It’s the late 1990s in a sinister city where a cosmic horror lingers …

Your guide is Augusta, a former stunt woman who just ran out of luck and makes some cash as a PI. You don’t have to trust her and perhaps you shouldn’t. But she’s all you got to make it through this adventure.

She will find yourself amongst gloomy goons, psychotic professors, eerie engineers, and barbaric business women... and maybe... maybe you will too in the near future.


Augusta needs certain items to complete her mission, keep herself alive and reach her goal. Keep an eye on them, you might need them too...




The Team


...but why tho?

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